We live in a world and in a time, where learning self-defense AND your children learning how to defend themselves is essential. It is no longer an option. Nationwide, 81% of women and 43% of men reported experiencing some form of harassment and/or assault in their lifetime.

This experience happened to me at a time when I least expected it, but the fear woke me up.

I had always wanted to do some sort of martial arts as a kid, but I never did. I was always the skinny kid who couldn’t defend myself (and I absolutely hated it), but I also never did anything about it. Then during COVID, the riots in Dallas, Texas occurred and protestors were literally looting and rioting two blocks away from my house. Some even threatened to stop me as I was passing by in my car. I lived in a quiet suburb of Dallas and nobody was prepared. I had never been so frightened. Nobody left their homes. I was a fairly big guy at 200 lbs. at the time. I lifted weights regularly, but I still feared for my life because I knew deep down I was not confident I knew how to defend myself if I was attacked. 

I said enough is enough and I took action.

I researched martial arts and self-defense schools and came across Krav Maga Dallas affiliated with Krav Maga Worldwide. The moment I walked in my first day I was sold on the concept and hooked on Krav Maga. I wanted to learn Krav Maga from the very basics and work my way up. Krav Maga is a street defense system originally developed for the Israeli/US military and is now designed for everyday citizens to learn defense against attacks.

Also, during COVID, I had been suddenly laid off from my medical-device marketing position, so I went to classes 5-6x per week and 3x per day. Every class I focused on the basics. My instructor said on Day 1, you can’t learn how to properly defend yourself unless you know how to move your feet and where to move your feet. He was completely right. So I studied each movement, each defense, and developed a technique when I moved to Orlando- following Krav Maga Worldwide principles. 

Since moving to Orlando, I am now the owner/instructor of Krav Maga O-Town where we provide people street defense so they can Walk in Confidence in LIFE.  I started Krav Maga O-Town because there was no Krav Maga presence in Orlando for me or others to train, so I created it. Every class you walk in not knowing how to defend yourself and you go home knowing something that you could use THAT DAY that could possibly save your life or someone you love.

I have developed a program called “Fight, Flight, or Freeze – Build your Kids Confidence Against Bad Guy’s and Bully’s.  There hasn’t been a self-defense program like this … ever.

Fight, Flight or Freeze

Last year, I was approached by producers of News6Orlando and asked to do a segment and provide self- defense tips. On air I mentioned, most people go into a fight or flight situation but there is actually a third, freeze.  It is the worst position to stay in of the three options. No one is discussing freeze. I have built this program so kids learn to move into fight or flight and build muscle memory to not freeze. Adults also need to learn this muscle memory to stay safe, and I teach this in group classes. You just can’t rely on instinct and hope you will act.

In the “Fight, Flight, or Freeze” program we also practice breathing, making noise, and showing a defensive stance. Bad guys attack those they perceive as weak or vulnerable. Once you show a defensive stance, breathe, and make noise the chances of you or your child getting away safely increases immensely.

Bad guys don’t want attention drawn to them. Bad guys also don’t want a fight.

Building Confidence

I’ve studied videos of attempted abductions and found of the children who made noise and fought back, the bad guy eventually let them go and gave up running or driving away. So, if your child does even those two things of making noise and fighting their chances of getting away from a bad guy and getting home safe increases greatly. Also there is a third major reason I instruct to make noise that we will discuss in detail in the program. I’m sure you believe your child would spring into action and make noise, but are you completely confident? In this program we focus on muscle memory so your child builds confidence to move into action and not freeze.

This is why I’m offering this special program to the Orlando Mom Collective community because the quicker muscle memory is developed the quicker the confidence of your child increases to act in any given situation.  I have also found parents sleep better at night when in this program.

Parents Want This For Their Kids

I had one mother come to me very concerned saying she had not slept in weeks because she was not confident her daughters could defend themselves as they get ready to go to college. We got her enrolled.  Now her daughters are taking my private classes and we have distilled in them a level of confidence in such a short time.  I have never seen two teenagers and a mom so excited they are learning how to defend themselves and so confident starting college. 

I have a father taking up regular private lessons for him and his son weekly and already in less than 3 months, his 9 year old son knows how to act if there is a good person or a bad person in front of him and he is spatially aware to react in any given moment to fight or flight. Freeze is no longer an option. Every lesson it is ingrained into your kids mind, “I have to act”.  Every class it is ingrained into your mind as a parent, “I have to remind my kids to act”.

This 8 Class program is 8 hours and will be completed in 4 weeks.

  • In 4 weeks your child will enter not knowing how to defend themselves to walk away with confidence and muscle memory against Bad Guy’s and Bully’s. 
  • In 4 weeks, your child will go back to school and walk in with confidence.  Like any program, the results depend on the kid’s performance and results are not guaranteed. 
  • Our goal is to make sure after 4 weeks your kids are confident they will choose fight or flight instead of freeze in any given situation.   

In this 8 Class program we will show defensive techniques such as using a palm heel over striking with a punch if physically attacked. And why?

I demonstrated the importance of this when interviewed the second time by News6Orlando for defense tips.

Preventative Safety Skills

Child sex trafficking is the largest international crime network the world has ever seen.

I know this because I’ve worked with the survivors. I provided to these ladies Orlando women’s self-defense classes.  We’re talking about survivors who were sexually abused and human trafficked for years, even decades. This crime network is not just international anymore. It’s entered our own backyard. It’s in Orlando.

The estimated lifetime cost of rape is $122,461 per victim.

If you don’t take action now, what would that cost?  Who would that hurt?

I have made the Fight, Flight, or Freeze – Build your Kids Confidence Against Bad Guy’s and Bully’s Program cost effective for any parent to take action today and start the journey of your child gaining confidence and muscle memory in just 4 weeks. This program has limited spots and this special price for Orlando Mom’s is an introductory offer.  After your child completes the 4 week program there will be an option to continue at the original price.

Please email me if you have any questions or would like to partner so Orlando is safe and Walks in Confidence: [email protected].  I can’t wait to meet you and see your kids confidence skyrocket in the program.

As always, Walk in Confidence,

Tyler Zollinger

The Walk in Confidence Guy


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Krav Maga O-Town

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