Moms In Ministry: 5 Tips For Success


For some women, motherhood and ministry are the two significant callings in life. However, it can be challenging to manage both roles simultaneously. One day someone can feel good about being a successful mom but feel bad about lacking as a church leader. Occasionally, they might think they’re failing at both. If you’re a mom in ministry, you should find a balance between your callings so you can attend to your family and church duties well.

The number of working moms who are primary contributors to society is growing, but most of them still feel isolated. During this crucial period in the church’s history, mothers in ministry have to focus on raising godly children and serving God.

While you may need various resources to successfully execute your role as a church minister, you may visit this page to address your apparel needs. You might also find the following tips helpful if you’re a mother struggling to find her place in church while being a dedicated mother and wife:

1. Picture Your Ideal Ministry-Life Setup Then Control Your Schedule 

What does ministry-life balance look like to you? Figure it out by doing the following: 

  • Write down your priorities.
  • Review the philosophy and values you’re upholding as both a mother and a servant of God.
  • Be specific as to the people you want to spend your time interacting with every day.

It’ll be easier to achieve the ministry-life balance you’ve been dreaming of if you’re well aware of the barriers keeping you from fulfilling it and the steps necessary to succeed. Keep in mind that both your family and ministry will stagnate if you don’t have a clear idea of such things. Bringing your dream into reality and fostering enthusiasm for the direction you’re heading for your two callings in life requires that you know what you need to start doing, do more, and stop doing. 

After taking the time to envision your ideal ministry-life setup, giving your calendar a hard look should be your next step. Remember that your daily or weekly schedule will never create room for you, so do it yourself. Here’s what you can do to keep your calendar in check:

  • Make a list of your tasks.
  • Focus on what’s most important to accomplish before everything becomes urgent.
  • Be honest about how much time each task will take to allow yourself to let go of what you can’t fit into your schedule and choose to delegate, if possible.

2. Stay Encouraged

Women employed in the church are among the most secluded and underrepresented. For this reason, it’s advisable to join a group of career moms who can relate to what you’re going through. Your church might offer a network of support for working moms.

However, you may find it discouraging to attend women’s Bible studies since it may seem as if those who don’t struggle in balancing work and family won’t be able to understand what you’re going through. In different seasons of life, God gives everyone gifts and callings. It’s time to start a women’s Bible study if your church doesn’t have one.

You should also pay attention to how you speak to yourself. Remember that having a pep talk with yourself could go a long way. You should be your own biggest supporter and motivator. It’s not always external pressure you have to deal with in order to overcome hurdles. Sometimes, it’s you who’s putting too much pressure on yourself.

3. Spend Quality Time With Your Family 

Occasionally, it can be wise to reduce your time spent in ministry if you feel that your family life is suffering or getting out of control. Simplify your busy life by taking a break from the ministry when needed. When moms are going through a lot with motherhood, the church may need to be prioritized less for a while, and that’s okay. Don’t feel guilty for laying low as a minister because your family needs you, too.

4. Take Baby Steps

As soon as you begin to see the benefits of pulling back from the ministry, don’t rush back into what you were doing previously. Make sure you always keep your marriage and motherhood in mind despite your commitments to the church.

Can you achieve that balance? There should be no more ignoring of your husband. The result would be growth and understanding that would allow you to develop a strong marriage. It would be evident to your children that you’ll no longer act out of anger and stress when you’re home; instead, they’ll see an engaged and happy mom. Meanwhile, you should aim to build a sense of belonging in the church so you and everyone else can call it your spiritual home.

5. Avoid Getting Sidetracked By Building Accountability 

Make sure that you have people around you who’ll not only push you forward but also support you during your highs and lows. It’s the best way to avoid getting sidetracked from your priorities and maintain ministry-life balance. People who know you well, such as fellow women in the ministry or even your spouse, can tell when you’re getting out of balance because you spend most of your time with them every day. Allow them to tell you that your ministry-life setup isn’t aligned with your goals anymore. By building accountability, you’ll know when to slow down on some things and work more on others.


There’s no need to feel alone if you’re a mom in ministry. The path you’re on may not be easy, but it’ll be worth it. By working hard in your profession and caring for your family, you can store up treasures in heaven. Stay strong and follow the tips mentioned above so you’ll have a more fruitful personal and ministry life ahead of you.


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